I.S. Distributions specializes in the sale of textile accessories – scarves and scarves – and small leather goods distribution, umbrellas, underwear and beachwear. We do a few things but do them well, because our work is to create added business for companies Licensors and share success only result.

A network of agents that do not suffer because the market knows him well, the backbone of a company that knows when to be humble and when aggressive, that always offers new opportunities to customers and performs, again, what it claims to be able to do.

The companies that have turned to us had the need to increase the distribution of an established brand or introducing a new one, reducing the distribution costs of its network or stimulating it to do better.

We can be your supplier or business partner, if your priority is a more efficient distribution, if you will drastically reduce the risk of customer solvency, if you want to optimize collections or produce and distribute textile accessories under license.

In the pages of our site you will find what we were able to express ourselves, but among professionals is necessary to talk to each other, so do not hesitate to call us or write us, we will confront and, if possible, to do business for you.