About Point Fighting Cup

History of Point Fighting

The word ” KICK BOXING ” ( literally ” go with kick and punch”) was born in USA in 1974 with the name ” FULL CONTACT KARATE”.
Exactly, it was the 14th september of 1974 when in Los Angeles Cow Sport Arena it was presented the first world professional championship that it was disputed by a little group of Americans and European fighters.
In 1976, the same people who promoted the first world professional championship, founded the World Association of all style Karate Organizations (WAKO).
In 1978, the first real world championship took place in Berlin, and subsequently in Tampa (Florida) and so on every 2 years.
In 1980, some contradictions between FULL CONTACT KARATE and the existing Karate federations raised and in order to avoid political and sports problems, WAKO decided to remove the word ” KARATE ” associated to full contact and it born the word ” KICK BOXING”.
This new word immediately gave the idea of what practitioners was doing: go with kick and punch. However, the acronym WAKO remained as the original logo, but together with the words “World Association of Kickboxing Organization”.

Moreover, another reason why the word ” karate” was removed from the association with the word kickboxing is that beyond full-contact, kickboxing had adopted other sports specialities whose names are: semi-contact and light-contact.
Consequently, the word ” kickboxing “, gives a generic name from which branches off the other specialities: Point Fighting, light-contact, full-contact, low-kick, musical forms, k1 rules, aero-kickboxing and kick-light.
In particular, the peculiarity of POINT FIGHTING, our discipline, is that the fight stopped as soon the athlete hits the opponent and the scores he/she receives depends on the technique he/she has used.

Nowadays, the current president of the Italian Federation FIKBMS is Mr.Donato Milano and the one of the WAKO federation is Mr.Borislav Pelević (Serbia).
Kick Boxing is a successful discipline spreads around the world and it is practiced everyday by millions of people.
In fact, today WAKO comprises 110 countries affiliates in the five continents and it is the only kickboxing organization recognized by GAISF, OKA. Moreover, it has the only one organization which has already participated at the African Games and at the Asian Indoor Games in 2007.

Euros of money prize

What about Point Fighting Cup

One of the best international competitions of the world

The POINT FIGHTING CUP is an extraordinary event in Castellanza (Milan).
It is the first event in Italy devoted only to this discipline and it is the first competition where:
– there is a live streaming;
– ALL the FINAL of ALL the CATEGORIES are in the raised platform;
– there is the GRAND CHAMPION, which is only for the WINNER of each category;
– TAG TEAM are for Cadets, Junior and Senior.
At the Point Fighting Cup, finals of the Grand Champion, Open and Tag Team will be played bare-chested and winners will be rewarded with a very high prize-money and goods.

Exclusive categories


This category is only for the winner of the senior all belts category. The draw will be plan by the organizer and he will combine the categories whose weights are closest each others.


This category is open to all the fighters over 16 years old, but no for the winner of the Grand Champion.


This category is only for the winner of the Grand Champion and for the winner of the Open.


There are Tag Team for Young Cadets, Old Cadets, Junior and senior.
In each team there must be 3 or 4 fighters.

Unlike the official WAKO rules of Point Fighting,
* all the exit will be penalized with -1 point,
* the rule of disqualification over the fourth exit does not apply,
*if an athlete during the fighting asks for the time, the fighting is stopped and then it will start again at the point where the it has been stopped,
*Tag Team is for 3 or 4 people in each Team; during the fight at least 3 athletes must do one action, but it can be also 4 athletes.
*In the Tag Team the change with the fighters will be done by touching the hand.
*All the Final fights will take place on the raised platform: the men bare-chested and the women with tops.