ABOUT US (history and background)

Euro Products Company was born in Legnano with its founder Paul Licciulli, which in 1995 began its experience in delivering products and bedsore surfaces facing the hospital market and patients with diseases that require aids for the prevention of damage from entrapment.

The result of design and of continuous research in the field of technologies and materials, the Euro aids products are entirely made in Italy in our Legnano locations and Villa Cortese (MI), where highly qualified technicians, with the aid of machinery to ‘ garde, produce a wide range of products.

Euro Products Home Collection line offers mattresses and accessories in polyurethane foam (memory foam), very appreciated by the public for the comfort and the high adaptability to the body, allowing you to optimize posture, promote blood circulation and relieve bodily pressures ensuring a peaceful and quality sleep.

In addition, the Euro Aids Home Collection line offers a range of mattresses and orthopedic nets suitable for every specific need and demand. At our showroom in Legnano (MI), you can view the products on site and by selling On-Line was to give the consumer an additional tool for choosing the most appropriate product for their needs.

strengths and goals
The advantages of a production “craft” as the commitment to quality, details and finishes, is now married with those of technology and “industrial” processes, resulting in high quality products able to establish itself in Italy and the major international markets. Thanks to online sales, we can offer a high range of products at competitive prices.
EUR aids and ‘a company projected into the future, always looking for new ways and technologically advanced solutions for the improvement of sleep quality.